Stimulating Investment in the Bicentenary

An international conference presenting Jordan’s investment opportunities 

Amman, July 13 2021 – JE Headquarters: The First Investment Conference held by the Jordanian Investment Commission (JIC) gathered high-profile keynote speakers and over 600 specialists worldwide representing various investment fields and sectors. The conference titled “Stimulating Investment in the Bicentenary” concluded its two-day activities. 

 “The conference was an opportunity to meet business people, economists, and experts from various fields, and to brief them closely on the most important features of the Jordanian economy, the investment environment, promising investment opportunities in the Kingdom, and the mechanism for enabling and preserving existing investments,” said Faridon Hartoqa, acting JIC chairman. 

Mr. Hartoqa thanked Afaq Group – Events & Media, represented by its CEO, Dr. Khaldoun Naseer, for their efforts and cooperation with JIC to make all events successful and ensure that Jordanian companies and qualified Jordanian cadres keep up with modern virtual conferences and 3D technology. 

Government Reforms and Development Zones 

Mr. Hartoga highlighted the government’s efforts and commitment to expanding reforms to continue creating appropriate market conditions in the Kingdom, compatible with investors’ demands, leading to a balanced and stable overall economy, ability to provide higher-level products and services to attract the influx of Arab and foreign investments, and enabling existing ones. 

The conference discussed topics related to establishing development zones to distribute economic development gains, create job opportunities in the governorates, provide a competitive advantage for each sector, and form an integrated system of services to support investment growth, highlighting the most important governorates’ merits in providing various investment opportunities in their respective industries.      

Some high-profile session participants: 

  • Ms. Zoe Harris, advisor on foreign direct investment and special economic zones;  
  • Dr. Muhammad Talib Obeidat, former vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of (Al Daman) insurance for the Development of Economic Zones; 
  • Mr. Salem Khazaeleh, a chairman of the Board of Directors of King Hussein bin Talal Development Area (KHBTDA) Company in Mafraq;  
  • Dr. Louay Suhwail, Board of Directors Chairman of the Jordanian Industrial Cities; and 
  • Engineer Dr. Khalid Al-Momani, director of Urban Planning for Development and Free Zones at JIC. 

Unlocking Potential and Markets 

The session entitled “Unlocking the Potential in Economic and Development Regions” counted with the participation of  

  • Mr. Allen Horj, the policy analyst for the Middle East and North Africa Division at OECD; 
  • Eng. Ayman Maaya’ah, King Hussein Business Park Company; 
  • Dr. Khalaf Hemaisat, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jordan Free Zones and Development Zones Company; 
  • Mr. Muhannad Al-Tarawneh, executive director of operations of Ma’an Development Company; and 
  • Dr. Ali Al-Madadha, former chairman of the Board of Directors of the Industrial Cities Company. 

Another critical session focused on Jordan as a launching pad for regional and global markets, with the participation of  

  • Mr. Yousry Tahboub, Jordanian Businessmen Association board member; 
  • Dr. Maher Mahrouq, Export House board member; 
  • Eng. Muhammad Batayneh, president of the American Chamber of Commerce; 
  • Mr. Nadim Kabbwat, head of French Foreign Trade Advisers; 
  • Mr. Jamal Badran, president of the Jordan-European Business Association; 
  • Mr. Firas Abu Wishah, member of the Board of Directors of Petra Engineering Industries; and  
  • Mr. Muhammad Al-Shanti, executive director of the Export House Company. 

The conference concluded with a session devoted to the role of Jordanian expatriates in attracting and promoting investment, presenting the initiatives and efforts undertaken by the government to reach expatriates, and identifying the necessary methods to increase cooperation to achieve economic development goals in the Kingdom. The following participants spoke at the session: 

  • Ms. Raghad Al-Sakka, acting director of the Department of Expatriate Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs; 
  • Mr. Hassan Barmawi, president of the Jordanian Expatriate Association; 
  • Mr. Fadi Majali, president of the Jordanian Expatriate Businesswomen and business people Association;  
  • Mr. Bilal Hammouri, director of Promotion at JIC; and 
  • Mr. Fadi Al-Daoud, secretary-general of Sindyan Organization for Entrepreneurship Development. 

About the Jordanian Investment Commission (JIC) 

The Jordan Investment Commission (JIC) constitutes the embodiment of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s vision for economic progress as a top national priority. His Majesty the King’s directives stressed the need to continue economic restructuring and modernization programs to achieve their desired objectives. They also emphasized the need to develop effective legislation, policies, and procedures that enhance the competitiveness of the national economy, attract investments, facilitate their success, and eliminate bureaucratic constraints to create employment opportunities, raise growth rates, and achieve sustainable development. The priorities of JIC are to lead and stimulate investment, ensure its sustainability, and help realize its desired impact of driving economic growth and job creation.  

About Jordan Exports (JE) 

Jordan Exports (JE) is a public-private export institution mandated by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Supply (MoITS) to coordinate national export activities. JE is the umbrella organization to design, develop, and promote exports in Jordan, employing an innovative and demand-driven approach to empower and capacitate Jordanian companies, accelerate export development, increase export volume, and connect Jordan to the world. 

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