Strategic Pillars

Realizing the vision through our strategy

The 7 Strategic Pillars

Growth and Opportunity: demand-driven, micro focus

Pursuing growth and opportunity on a demand-driven approach

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JE pursues growth and opportunity in terms of markets and works on a demand-driven approach. The distinction between Growth and Opportunity comes from the difference between markets and market entry: existing, established, and new ones. JE considers that a good market fit implies understanding the product or service and its potential in the targeted market. Furthermore, JE’s strategic and collaborative efforts on Growth and Opportunity counts on Service Providers’ inputs as well. 

Competitiveness: improve to succeed

Improving Jordan exports’ competitiveness through development and capacity building

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JE aims to improve Jordanian exports’ competitiveness through its development efforts: enhancing the exporting capabilities of JE’s staff, SPs, Jordanian SMEs, and, ultimately, improving the country’s competitiveness, brand, and image recognition. 


Innovation: build to sell

Pushing the innovation envelope for entrepreneurs, SMEs, established enterprises, and anchors

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JE aims to push the innovation envelope by focusing on small entrepreneurs and SMEs. Nevertheless, this focus also applies to the other well-established and anchored entrepreneurs. To accomplish that, JE uses two approaches: 

  • Digital transformation for large corporations: fostering digital transformation or product lines’ innovation to meet external market demands rather than local ones;  
  • Digital enablement for small- and medium-sized businesses: enabling their digital capabilities or fostering innovation in their products’ value proposition.  


Acceleration: unlock new markets

Accelerating market entry through accelerated pilots

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To start delivery, JE doesn’t follow the traditional route of implementing projects based on planning and assessments, which might take a long time. The reasoning behind this approach is the continuous opportunities for new market entrants, so JE is adjusting its strategy to accelerate market entry through pilots. As a result, every project at JE, including the strategic ones, enters the pilot phase. 

Sustainability: revenue streaming

Sustainability: crucial success factor for all JE’s projects

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Jordan Exports was established to last; sustainability is a crucial success factor considered in all JE’s projects. The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) include both revenues and business models. Some services, such as membership and consulting, will be offered at a later stage. JE plans to charge fees for these services, not for profit but sustainability. 


Collaboration: the name of the game

Built on a collaborative approach with all export players in Jordan on PPD basis

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JE is built on collaborative intentions with all export players in Jordan on a Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) basis to bring everyone to the same table. First, JE works on a different approach for PPD: forming round tables that involve one anchor, and that anchor brings the remaining ones. Then, JE begins the pilot, validating the point, creating interest and momentum to encourage other anchors to join JE’s round tables, and so on. Finally, when JE succeeds in finding a solution, they bring in their policy advocacy and present it to all parties. 


2021: Digital First

A dynamic pillar according to the year: for 2021, Digital First

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This pillar changes every year; its theme depends on the year’s demand and needs. For 2021, Pillar 7 is “Digital First.” 

Attuned to current trends after the pandemic, JE is prioritizing digitalization for all its services, activities, and projects, making communications and processes more agile and efficient, thus increasing business opportunities with other more developed markets. In addition, the focus on digitalization is likewise extended beyond JE’s organization to reach large corporations and SMEs, as mentioned on Pillar 3. 


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