JE Culture

Together, we dare to aspire and work to achieve.

Jordan Exports’ Culture

It’s no secret how invaluable the exports trade contribution is to a country’s overall stability. We recognize that value, and we go beyond striving to cement Jordan’s position as a global player, not just in international trade, but also as a hub for innovation, collaboration, and communication for the benefit of all Jordanians, especially the less privileged. 

What is unique about JE?

To achieve our ambitious goals and realize our vision, we recognize that a great team is the first step forward, and just like any great company, we want to hire and keep only the best to fulfill our aspirations. 

Our approach is different. We want everyone to be happy with their work to make a difference and reach their full potential, even in moments of crisis. With that approach, we create a more flexible, stimulating, and successful organization.  

One of our core philosophies is efficiency and creativity over process and tradition. We are ambitious and fierce, so we expect all who join us to have the same spirit to help us create smart solutions for all challenges we face. 

At Jordan Exports, we

  • expect our team to be independent thinkers and decision-makers. 
  • value respect, kindness, diversity, and inclusion. 
  • appreciate the value people bring and recognize it often. 
  • lead others by example, straightforward guidance, and positivity. 
  • communicate with integrity, openness, and honesty towards each other and others. 
  • collaborate to strengthen our team, form partnerships, and create better solutions. 
  • aspire to be innovative and disruptive in all we do. 


  • work with excellence and best practices in mind.
  • face challenges dead-on for the greatest impact.
  • look for opportunities and ways to grow and improve.
  • focus on needs and practical solutions to achieve the best results.
  • accept responsibility and hold accountability.
  • aim to be sustainable, agile, adaptable, competitive, and
  • strive to establish a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration with all.

What do we value?

Working at JE, you will be challenged to be the best and pursue the best. Our core values guide us towards the future and help us define who will enjoy that journey with us.


  • You seek and create new ideas that bring value.
  • You look for new solutions to complex problems.
  • You evaluate and re-evaluate issues to find better solutions.
  • You challenge assumptions to find more suitable approaches.
  • You minimize complexity and look for simplicity.
  • You embrace and thrive on change. You adapt easily.
  • You believe in creativity to work faster and better.


  • You think and reason independently.
  • You make decisions based on data and logic.
  • You listen to intuition and use common sense when appropriate.
  • You look for root causes to solve problems.
  • You think strategically to achieve goals.
  • You consider the long term rather than just the near term.
  • You make decisions with confidence.
  • You take risks but accept possible failures.


  • You collaborate with people regardless of their backgrounds and cultures.
  • You accept diversity and celebrate inclusion.
  • You recognize how different perspectives can support better decisions.
  • You respect other people’s different perspectives without taking things personally.
  • You accept feedback and constructive criticism.
  • You address others in a professional way and have a good attitude.
  • You offer criticism and communicate your disagreement politely.
  • You are firm without being condescending or forceful.


  • You provide helpful and timely feedback to colleagues.
  • You always share relevant information.
  • You support others in their work.
  • You are concise and clear when communicating in speech and writing.
  • You listen well and help when needed.
  • You lead by example and celebrate others’ successes.
  • You maintain a calm demeanor in times of stress to facilitate solutions.
  • You adapt your communication style to work with people from around the world.


  • You prioritize what’s best for JE, clients, and partners.
  • You are open to new ideas.
  • You make time to help colleagues.
  • You accept responsibility and holds yourself accountable.
  • You make time to improve yourself and encourage others to do the same.
  • You enjoy freedom and autonomy with responsibility.
  • You know your responsibilities and follow through with them with ethics and safety.
  • You are loyal to JE, and you work together to overcome crisis and conflict and celebrate successes.


  • You are known for authenticity, honesty, and fairness.
  • You are kind and respectful to people regardless of their status or differences of opinion.
  • You only say things about others that you would say to their faces.
  • You admit mistakes freely and openly.
  • You work for the benefit of JE and all, not just for yourself or a specific group.
  • You are known for being reliable and trustworthy.
  • You do the right thing, even when it feels uncomfortable.


  • You work carefully and diligently.
  • You show consistent strong performance.
  • You help your colleagues to work and be better.
  • You focus on results and solutions over processes and traditions.
  • You execute tasks efficiently and effectively.
  • You put your best effort into everything you do.


  • You inspire others with your dedication to quality and excellence.
  • You care intensely about JE’s success.
  • You are tenacious and optimistic.
  • You are confident without being arrogant.
  • You enjoy learning and do so eagerly and quickly.
  • You often ask yourself how to improve JE and its performance.

Living the Values 

It’s great to have exceptional values, but people often question if others share the same goal or if we live such values. At JE, we support each other, and we hold each other accountable. We aspire, and we work hard to live our values to the fullest. 

JE expects all to collaborate and work together to evolve in all aspects. We strive to create an atmosphere of open communication and mutual support, where constructive feedback at all levels is routine and welcomed, fostering learning and faster improvement. We aspire to be continuously evolving towards our best. 

Sound judgment and innovation go hand in hand at the heart of JE. With excellence in mind, we want to do things faster, smarter, and cause the greatest impact. Doing so requires openness to new ideas and agility to adapt and achieve goals. Realistically, none of that is possible without a great team. 

The Best Team

We treat all with respect and fairness, never losing sight of honesty and the relentless pursuit of excellence. We discourage politics and bias, and we recognize that diversity and disagreement have the potential to spark change and progress. 

We want to prioritize JE, its clients, and partners; there is no room for favoritism. We care about our colleagues, and we expect them to do their best and be their best to accomplish amazing feats while feeling fulfilled and recognized. We want to be the best, hire the best, and work with the best. 


Despite our never-ending pursuit of excellence and evolution, we aren’t afraid of mistakes because we realize that they result from progress. One only makes mistakes when trying new ideas or approaches. We encourage boldness and innovation, so we embrace failure with responsibility and respect. Mistake and error avoidance does not equate to better results, and this notion is at the core of our values.

Freedom with Self-Discipline and Work Ethics


JE aspires to be a company where everyone feels responsible for every task and everyone; when people see a mistake or error, they act without being told to do so. We must not ignore a request for assistance or consultation because we expect each other to offer guidance and always collaborate.

At JE, we know that inspiring and engaging our team is far better than managing and controlling them. Self-discipline and ethics drive us continuously towards significant impact and superior results. Trust is our baseline, and we do our best to fulfill that promise.

Independence and Good Judgment

Leadership is fundamental, and a good leader informs and empowers their team to make decisions independently and confidently. Decisions require a responsible person to make the call. We want our team to consist of independent thinkers and decision-makers who consult their managers only when they are unsure which path is the best to take. We encourage and try to develop leadership skills in all.

Managers are most needed in urgent and critical decisions when there is no time or enough context for individuals to take charge.

We strive to instill in our team that JE is the priority, not pleasing management or a particular group.

Disagreements with management might occur, and they are welcomed; that is why we insist on a culture of respect and collaboration so that we can disagree and grow from it. We do not believe in hiding information or silence to keep the peace. We believe in sharing disagreements and exposing them respectfully and with evidence to clarify the whys of such a dispute.

Sharing the Load and the Responsibility

 At JE, we welcome everyone to debate our goals and strategy. With everyone on board, we can trust each other to execute our strategic plan with minimal need for approvals and intervention. We want to minimize micromanagement as much as possible to grow JE as a flexible and agile giant in export promotion and development.

Seeking Excellence

We are a forward-thinking company, so we aim to evolve and innovate. Hence, instead of striving to preserve our culture, we strive to keep it relevant and growing. We expect our team to contribute to JE’s culture improvement, always looking for the smartest and most creative way to solve and accomplish more together.

156 AlMadina AlMonawara St.
Masaken Building, Office #505,
Amman – JORDAN

+962 6 5777710

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