National Market Information Center


Providing export-specific information is the cornerstone of export-support services, and previous findings have identified this pressing need. Therefore, the entire exports industry in Jordan justifies the creation of a dedicated unit with JE’s staff and budget: the National Market Information Center to manage export information at the national level.

The project aims to address the following objectives:

  • Establishing a value-added National Export Market Information Center to be a comprehensive source of export-related information.
  • Facilitating access of Jordanian exporters to quality and tailored information related to target export markets.
  • Positioning JE as a hub for Jordanian exporters—this role refers to creating a helpdesk that can provide the necessary information for SMEs based on their needs and refer them to relevant SPs or sources of information specialized in specific sectors/markets.
  • Creating a cooperation mechanism among key players in the export ecosystem represented by the Service Providers (SPs).

Masaken building, 156, Al-Madina Al-Monawara street, Amman – Jordan

(+962) 6 123 456 7

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