Growtech (Agroexpo)

Agroexpo 2023, one of Turkey's largest and Europe's four largest agricultural fairs, had 449 participants, 79 of whom were foreign. A total of 105,716 people from 74 countries, 12,511 of whom were foreigners, visited Agroexpo. Agroexpo, which will be held for the 19th time at Fuar İzmir between 30 January - 03 February 2024; World […]

International Agricultural Show

The Paris International Agricultural Show is a major trade event for the agriculture industry, attracting visitors and professionals from around the world. It offers education and training for new farmers and focuses on innovation and technology to address industry challenges and promote growth.

Agricultural FIMA

Fima Agricola is a global expo for farming equipment in Zaragoza, showcasing Spanish and international companies in sectors such as fishing, business, farming, gardening, and agricultural machinery. It features a […]

Argo-Food Ethiopia

Agrofood Ethiopia is Ethiopiaa€™s leading trade show & conference on agriculture, food & beverage technology, food ingredients and food. Products like agricultural machines, farming tractors, harvesting equipment, analytical equipment, poultry […]

Indonesia Agro-Food Expo

Indonesia AgroFood Expo is the exhibition of agricultural products covering food crops, horticulture, plantations, livestock, fishery products, forest products, processed foods and technology. Indonesia Agrofood Expo is designed as a […]

Africa Agri Expo

Africa Agri Expo is one of the most distinguished and well-established events connecting Africa's agribusiness with the rest of the world. The event provides an excellent networking platform for Agriculture […]

Saudi Agriculture

The Middle East's biggest agriculture exhibition, Saudi Agriculture, takes place in Riyadh, the hub of the industry and home to the Qassim region's largest market. It attracts key decision-makers from […]