JE Academy

Overall Goal:

This project aims to provide training for SMEs, employing a more effective approach that considers a more fluid workplace and a mobile workforce to support their vital role in leveraging export efforts. Therefore, the main objective is to establish a training center at JE to refresh and upskill JE’s and other service providers’ staff.



  • Upskill JE’s staff to impact the bottom line and reach JE’s objectives
  • Establish an export development and promotion training center at JE to support JE’s staff and service providers
  • Develop experience, increase knowledge, and create tools under one umbrella with JE’s coordination, cooperation, and alignment with other SPs



  • Identify trainers and subject matter experts in the required areas
  • Develop an implementation plan for training in agreement with SPs
  • Map the current training programs offered by JE, services providers, donors, and GIZ to identify related topics and courses, review syllabuses and delivery, request participant feedback, if possible, and modify content to reflect and future needs for the trainee
  • Identity the training facility specifications, requirements, and layout and prepare the RFP accordingly
  • Form a task force from JE staff and GIZ to design the project and oversee the execution
  • Issue the request for proposals (RFP)
  • Choose the best offer according to predefined selection and evaluation criteria
  • Select, implement, and establish the training facility



Masaken building, 156, Al-Madina Al-Monawara street, Amman – Jordan

(+962) 6 123 456 7

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