Overall Goals:

The main goals of PPD are strengthening Jordanian exports’ position in traditional markets, expanding products and services exports to new markets, developing Jordanian exports, and assisting companies in enhancing their competitiveness to meet international standards in quality and pricing.

In addition, Jordan Exports must collaborate with many export service providers to design and implement projects and improvement initiatives. JE’s efforts focus on monitoring and evaluating the impact of the support provided to Jordanian enterprises while preventing the duplication and overlapping of export promotion and trade development activities.


Project Scope:

The role of JE as an Export Promotion Agency is to be the orchestrator of export development and promotion efforts in Jordan. Therefore, JE must collaborate with different service providers on sector/product/project-based improvement initiatives. Presently, JE will host and provide support to the food processing and garment sector secretariats. In addition, JE will manage the garment and food-processing secretariat PPDs. Consequently, JE will play a pivotal role in coordinating and aligning the efforts of different stakeholders to create new partnerships to improve the export support framework.



  • Achieve the highest standards of export services delivery
  • Be the main line of communication to create a stronger relationship between the public and private sectors
  • Foster a systematic partnership and dialogue among the export ecosystem stakeholders
  • Build good relations with stakeholders so that they can better assist members
  • Be the main supporter to strengthen the trust of private sector firms in public and governmental organizations
  • Help to maintain exact standards to establish clear expectations of their goals and interests







Masaken building, 156, Al-Madina Al-Monawara street, Amman – Jordan

(+962) 6 123 456 7


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