The assessment of turnover in Jordan’s industrial sector

This study contains the results of an unprecedented investigation into the nature of turnover in the Jordanian context, which is a necessary input for the process of promoting sustainable jobs. While reports from individuals and companies suggest that turnover has a significant impact on business, the actual turnover rate and impact are unknown. GIZ and ACI, therefore, conducted research to assess the effect of employee turnover on businesses in Jordan’s industrial sector and developed this document to provide useful information and guidance to help companies adopt Human Resources (HR) practices to address the challenges that the research findings have revealed. The study’s objective was to assess the size of job turnover in the industrial sector in Jordan (in Irbid and Amman). It examined the company profile (size, sector, employee composition by gender and position) and the nature of business (export- or non-export-oriented companies). The profiling was used to measure the turnover size against the industrial sector-specific background. Further, the turnover impact was examined to determine how it affects the businesses’ operation (i.e., productivity, delivery, customer service, and profitability) and what it costs. Along with an assessment of prevalent working conditions in the industrial sector, the drivers of turnover were identified. Special attention was given to female workers to realize their different experiences and needs within their social role in society.

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