Natural sweetness and superior nutrition from the Jordan Valley



Dates have been part of Jordan’s ancient gift-giving tradition. They are known as the best natural table sugar substitute for their nutritional value and high fiber content. The Jordan Valley is the ideal place for cultivating the best quality and flavorful dates in the world.

  • Favorable microclimate conditions for higher productivity than traditional crops
  • Consistent, high-quality standards and flavors to meet consumers’ expectations
  • Certified dates compliant with international requirements for food safety
  • High standards in storage minimizing market bottlenecks
  • Quality packaging and appearance for gift-giving
  • Critical sub-sector for the region’s economy, especially for women inclusion
  • Pre- and post-harvest activities at highly competitive costs causing a positive impact in the region


Main Products:
  • Medjool Dates and Berhi Dates.



  • ISO22000, HACCP, BRC

156 AlMadina AlMonawara St.
Masaken Building, Office #505,
Amman – JORDAN

+962 6 5777710

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