Jordan’s Consultancy Sector Analysis and Strategy for Sectoral Improvement

The GIZ Trade for Employment Project (GIZ-T4E) focuses on building capacities and strengthening structures sustainably. The end target is enhancing the conditions of Jordanian companies to increase their trade performance for employment. The project aims to support companies short-term and tackle mid-term structural challenges in trade promotion. In the long term, it seeks to improve the trade for employment conditions for Jordanian companies. The project focuses particularly on the food-processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, garment, and consulting service sectors. Under the auspices of this project, the study aims to provide a general overview of the consultancy sector and subsectors in terms of structure and market trends and major challenges and opportunities for development and growth. The study was conducted in close consultation with relevant stakeholders, drawing on previous work done in the area. The study was initially designed as a value chain analysis, in line with the previous analyses conducted under the GIZ-T4E project on the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing sectors. However, during the initial data collection, it became evident that not enough recent and detailed data was available to apply the value chain approach to analyze all stages from supply to market access for the identified sub-sectors. Therefore, the present study is thus considered to be a sectoral analysis.

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