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The pharmaceutical market has been growing consistently during the review period, except during 2015 and 2016, due to the country’s financial crisis. The market has since rebounded, resulting in a CAGR growth of only 1% between 2013-2018. The main demand and growth drivers for the overall sector are the broadening varieties of drugs and the increasing number of domestic products at competitive prices. The market of vitamins and dietary supplements is not as popular as in Western Europe. Nevertheless, it is also a growing category. Main consumers are the younger generation in the age of 20-40. Older people are not especially familiar and are even skeptical about vitamins and dietary supplements. Doctors usually do not prescribe these products either. Younger consumers mainly learn about such products from social networks. Generics hold more than 65% of the market share, while non-generics represent the remaining 35%. Public healthcare institutions are very popular in Belarus because they offer cost-free services. Nevertheless, the private sector is also gradually developing. Higher-income consumers switch to the private sector. Health insurance is still in an early development stage.

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